The Poetry Trials Voting Is Now Open!

One year. Over 22,000 poems... The top 5 students have been chosen. Their videos are open to the public vote now! 

Who will be The Poetry Trials Champion? You decide!

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Welcome to Wonderland Competition For 11-18 Year-Olds

 Brand New Competition For 11-18 Year Olds!

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Writing from a Cat's Point of View by Lynne Barrett-Lee

From the moment I was asked if I’d like to tell Simon’s story, two things became clear. First, that I would say yes, without a single moment’s thought, and second, that it would be a labour of love. 

After all, how could it not be? I love cats. I love writing. I love writing while with my cats.  So I knew without a doubt that I’d love writing about one, particularly one with such a special story. 

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Top Tips For Writing a Horror Story by CJ Skuse

Author of Pretty Bad Things, Rockoholic, Dead Romantic, Monster and The Deviants CJ Skuse, gives her top tips for writing a horror story this Halloween!

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Moone Boy: The Marvellous Activity Manual - Yection 2

A year is a very long time when you're an idiot. To cope with the curse of the calendar, Martin Moone has developed the habit of dividing the year into smaller sections, or 'yections'.

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YoungMinds: Mental Health Campaigning in Tower Hamlets

This month YoungMinds launched 'Mark Your Mind' - a powerful new campaign informing young people and families about mental health. 

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Busta Rhyme Poetry Competition for 11-18 Year-Olds

Busta Rhyme gives your students the opportunity to write a poem about something they feel passionately about. Read on to find out more about lyrical poetry and how to enter this fantastic competition!

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Guest blog by The Emergency Poet, National Poetry Day Ambassador

Guest blog from National Poetry Day Ambassador, Deborah Alma, who's better known as The Emergency Poet.

Deborah is an experienced workshop facilitator and a highly skilled practitioner with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham (First Class) and an MA in Creative Writing (with Distinction) from Keele University. 

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Guest blog by Liz Brownlee, National Poetry Day Ambassador

Liz Brownlee is a poet with a sidekick! Lola, is Liz's amazing medical alert dog. Visit Liz's website to find lots of poems, but especially animal poems!

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Guest blog by Joshua Seigal, National Poetry Day Ambassador

Guest blog from National Poetry Day Ambassador, Joshua Seigal. 

Joshua Seigal is an award-winning poet, performer and educator who uses poetry to develop literacy skills and inspire confidence and ​creativity in communication.

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