Once Upon A Dream for 7-11 Year-Olds

This year we're celebrating our 25th birthday! Throughout the last two and half decades we have worked tirelessly to create new, exciting ways to encourage children and young adults to read, write and enjoy poetry and creative writing.

This year is no exception as we have has just launched our first animated poetry lesson. Join the BFP (The Big Friendly Poet) as he teaches pupils about 4 poetic techniques in a fun and informative way!

This fantastic lesson takes just 7 minutes to watch and pretty much guarantees 100% pupil engagement. It also offers activities on how pupils can incorporate these techniques in their poetry writing. What poetry adventures will the BFP take your pupils on?

The interactive lesson is fresh, entertaining and different; aimed at primary school children it will certainly bring poetry to life in your classroom. What are you waiting for? Get the BFP live in your classroom today!

You can find out further information about the BFP and his work for Young Writers at www.youngwriters.co.uk/competitions/once-upon-a-dream.

If you enjoyed The BFP's first lesson, why not let us know! What would you like him to teach you next...

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Previous Comments

“How can I enter the dream themed competition?”

by Celeste on 15th November 2017

“Hi Celeste, thanks for your message - Once Upon a Dream has now closed. However, you are welcome to write a dream-inspired poem and enter it into Rhymecraft, this academic year's poetry competition. (Find out more at www.youngwriters.co.uk/competitions/rhymecraft) Thank you!”

from Young Writers

“Is it too late to order the book? If not how can this be done? ”

by Laura moore on 7th November 2017

“Hi Laura, you can order directly from any time you want to via your online account or by giving us a call on 01733 890066. Thank you.”

from Young Writers

“My son's poem was published and would like to obtain an extra copy. Is this possible and if yes, how please? Thank you.”

by Hannah Gilmore on 26th September 2017

“Hi Hannah - to order you can either login to your online account or give us a call and place an order over the phone with a debit/credit card. If you need any further help please let us know!”

from Young Writers

“Hi there, Me and my class at Sandringham West Newton put some entries in for the Spring Once Upon a dream competition but still haven't seen anything about winners yet? When will we be notified? Many thanks, Chrissie”

by Chrissie Linder on 15th August 2017

“Hi, you'll receive a letter from us in the first week of September. If you'd like any further information, please give us a call or an email, thank you :)”

from Young Writers

“I entered this competition,and my brother entered another.Our poems will be published in different books.Can the 3 for 2 offer apply when my mom buys these two books?My Busta Rhyme poem will also be published,so can my mom have the 3 for 2 books offer applied to her,plz?”

by Hafsah Saleem on 22nd July 2017

“Hi Hafash - please can you ask your mum to email us and we will need to manually apply the 3 for 2 offer if it's for different books. Your mum can give us a call on 01733 890066 or email us at info@youngwriters.co.uk - please ask her to include you and your brother's name and book details so we can locate your record / orders. Thank you!”

from Young Writers

“Hi. We have made our order as have all the other winners from Hoo St Welburgh School. We received an e-mail saying our order was made and will be sent to the school by the 31st July. The school is now closed for the holidays will you be sending them to our home addresses now as no one will be at the school to take them. I have been checking with the school but they were unsure of this but waited til today to give me an answer. When I and others try and log on our passwords are not recognised. I look forward to your reply. ”

by Cath Reader on 21st July 2017

“Hi Cath, Parents create their own account login with their email and password, so once the account is set up you use your email and the password you set to login. If any parents cannot access their account they will need to press the 'Forgotten Password' link so they can reset it instantly. We did publish the book on the 15th July (we do our absolute best to get July books ready early so as many books as possible are delivered before the end of term) and your orders are currently on the way back to us as the courier tried to deliver them on the 19th July, but was too late. Please contact us on 01733 890066 or email info@youngwriters.co.uk and we can arrange for your order to be sent directly to you. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to hearing from you. ”

from Young Writers

“when is the actuall book going into stores my poem rainforest is in it so pls can you tell me when it is coming out?”

by ruby on 21st July 2017

“Hi Ruby - in your letter it will tell you the date the book is published. Or you can ask your parent/guardian to give us a call or email to let us know the book's full title and we can confirm the publication date. Book Wholesalers have to order the books from us, then they put them in the stores, should they wish to. If your local bookshop doesn't have the book in stock, they can order it in for you. Thank you!”

from Young Writers

“When is the once upon the dream winners poem publish”

by Amelia lake on 15th June 2017

“Hi Amelia, the best poet in the book is published at the front of the book and on our website upon publication :) ”

from Young Writers


by Jamelia on 11th May 2017

“Hi I'm ruby j win this and I am really proud I never thought I would win but I had to believe in myself so if I can do it you can do it”

by Ruby on 28th April 2017

“I took part in this poem it was about famause please can I have a copy”

by on 21st March 2017

“Hi - if you can email us at info@youngwriters.co.uk with your name and address, we can send you a copy of your poem. Thank you!”

from Young Writers

“I would like to purchase extra copy of "Once upon a dream (7-11yr olds) My granddaughter has a poem in this beautiful book Merton Bank School St Helens. Could you kindly let me know how to obtain this?”

by Megan Johnson on 12th March 2017

“Hi Megan, thank you for your comment - please do give us a call on 01733 890066 or email at info@youngwriters.co.uk to place an order. Alternatively the parents will have an online account that they can order through for you or local bookshops can order the book in if it's not in stock :)”

from Young Writers

“Hi My Daughter Amity was chosen to have her poem published, I paid £66 for four paperback books! When will I receive these books and when are the winners being announced? We're coming into the third week of February but you have still not announced the winners!!”

by Mr Christie on 10th February 2017

“Dear Mr Christie, thank you for your feedback. I have checked and we have received your permission to publish Amity's poem and your pre-publication order of Once Upon A Dream - Hertfordshire, which is published on the 31st March 2017. The winner is announced upon publication - they will be marked in the book and appear on our website in the winners' section. Your order will be despatched upon publication. This information was provided in the letter we sent out to you, if you'd like a copy of the letter re-sending to you for reference, please let us know. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.”

from Young Writers

“When are you going to put the winners up because my daughter took part in this competition and I want to know how well she did?”

by Malak Esmail on 27th November 2016

“Hi Malak, We choose one winner from each regional collection. The winner is marked in the book, their prize is sent upon publication and they appear on our website. Once Upon A Dream winners will appear on our website from early Feb. Currently we are reading the last of the Once Upon A Dream entries, so the latest that entrants will hear from us is the week commencing the 2nd January 2017 - we read every entry we receive and it can take a while! Thank you for your patience.”

from Young Writers


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