Our First Ever Animated Video Lesson is Available!

This year we're celebrating our 25th birthday! Throughout the last two and half decades we have worked tirelessly to create new, exciting ways to encourage children and young adults to read, write and enjoy poetry and creative writing.

This year is no exception as we have has just launched our first animated poetry lesson. Join the BFP (The Big Friendly Poet) as he teaches pupils about 4 poetic techniques in a fun and informative way!

This fantastic lesson takes just 7 minutes to watch and pretty much guarantees 100% pupil engagement. It also offers activities on how pupils can incorporate these techniques in their poetry writing. What poetry adventures will the BFP take your pupils on?

The interactive lesson is fresh, entertaining and different; aimed at primary school children it will certainly bring poetry to life in your classroom. What are you waiting for? Get the BFP live in your classroom today!

You can find out further information about the BFP and his work for Young Writers at www.youngwriters.co.uk/competitions/once-upon-a-dream.

If you enjoyed The BFP's first lesson, why not let us know! What would you like him to teach you next...

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Previous Comments

“I must say this video helped me and my sister a lot.Great inspirations!”

by Hafsah on 16th November 2017

“this video was actually really helpful it gave me some great ideas of themes to write about.”

by Melaina on 1st October 2017

“i love poems”

by jumana on 7th June 2017

“i loved writing a poem about this ”

by cole on 1st April 2017

“That really did help me a lot! Thanks!”

by Khadijah on 14th March 2017

“Happy Birthday I love the video ”

by Dolphin on 6th December 2016

“The BFP is so cool! I hope he has more videos in the future.”

by Lilly on 7th October 2016


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