Poetry Safari for 5-7 Year-Olds

Introduce younger pupils to poetry and help them create their own original poem inspired by animals with Poetry Safari!

From wild animals and sea creatures to pets and dinosaurs, pupils can write about any animal they choose. They could even create their own crazy creature!

Use our free resources, including lesson plans, presentations, animal masks and pupil planning sheets to get your young writers creating original poetry.

You can download resources and find out more about Poetry Safari here.

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“Hi,when will the 2017 winners receive letters telling them that they've won?”

by hafsah on 17th November 2017

“Hi, all the winners so far are here: https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/comp-winners.php?wp=poetry-safari-winners - the Summer Term 2017 winners are announced at Christmas. We will write to the 5 winners and announce them on the web link above too. Thank you!”

from Young Writers

“Hi,I wanted to get a copy of 'Poetry Safari-Across The Midlands' from WHSmith,but apparently,they don't have it. Any ways in which you can help me?”

by Hafsah on 12th November 2017

“Hi Hafsah, WHSmith can order the book in for you using the ISBN / title via their book wholesaler if it's not in stock. Alternatively, you can order directly from us via your online account or by giving us a call on 01733 890066. Thank you.”

from Young Writers

“Hi,I just wanted to say that my brother entered this competition,and his poem will be published. He's delighted!Thanks a million!”

by Hafsah Saleem on 3rd August 2017

“Lovely poems ”

by Yumayu on 12th October 2016

“Wonderful resources, thank you!”

by Claire on 7th October 2016


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