Poetry Safari Inspirational Idea!

We love reading your poems and when we get a poem like Max Maliszewski's it makes our day!
Six-yer-old Max entered his poem, 'Mop the Zop' into Poetry Safari via his school, St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School in Walsall, along with photos of Mop that show just how much Max enjoyed the project! Poetry Safari poems were animal-inspired from wild creatures and pets, to mythical beasts and crazy creatures!
Max's mum said: "I asked Max what he would like to write about in his poem. Last year when Max was in Reception, they had to make a creature. So Max and his brother helped me to sew, stuff and make Mop. Max decided to call her Mop because of her mop-like feet."
Max said: "She is a superhero. She has a shiny red cape with her name on the back. She loves nothing more than eating milky bars, Mop loves white chocolate (and so does Max). Mop likes drinking milk and cleaning up spilt milk with her mop-like feet. She dreams of going to Scotland... to meet the Loch Ness monster."
Max and his mum did a brilliant job making Mop, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Keep up the great writing Max, your imagination is amazing!
Further information about Poetry Safari can be found here.

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