Rachel Hickman's Top Five Writing Tips

·         Write for yourself not for any idea of publication. Write because you want to, because it feels good to put something down on paper.

·         Work out roughly what your story arc is – how it begins and ends, and who's in it – and then enjoy the journey in between. You can either take your time and rework as you go, or cram it all down and then go back and refine.

·         Lots of authors can't spell and punctuation is to help the reader, however when you write be strict with yourself, take time to think about what you want to say and how you express it. Be authentic and original. Rework and rework – polish like crazy, until what you've written sounds right when read aloud on the page.

·         The surest way to be a better writer is to be observant: watch how people behave; remember how things look, sound, feel and even taste. What they compare to. Make notes on your phone. Gather together snippets that you can piece together and use. 

·         Know that you can only fail at writing if you stop.


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“#Goals! this will help young writers everywhere, Really good tips! definitely will use!”

by inayia ahmed on 1st June 2017

“Thank you for the advice. It has motivated me to keep on writing for the love of writing. ”

by Mawada on 28th May 2017

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