Welcome to Wonderland Competition For 11-18 Year-Olds

Engage, enthuse and inspire your students to write, no matter their age or ability, with Welcome to Wonderland!

Challenge your students to create a fictional world before writing a mini saga, a story in just 100 words, inspired by their world. Will they create a parallel universe, re-write history, opt for sci-fi or fantasy realms, or perhaps a post-apocalyptic world will spark their creativity? Speculative fiction is a portal to wherever students' imaginations take them…

There's great prizes up for grabs for schools and students, as well as the opportunity to be published.

Order your free teacher pack and other additional resources from our website today!

We can't wait to see what amazing speculative fiction your students create...

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“This is a great way to encourage kids to be creative and express themselves.”

by Haset on 17th April 2017

“Love the Winter Wonderland Competitions! ”

by Isra Sulevani on 21st November 2016


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