YoungMinds: Mental Health Campaigning in Tower Hamlets

Zoe Large works as Operations Project Support Lead for YoungMinds, the country’s leading children’s mental health charity. In this blog post she talks about how YoungMinds have been working with young people in the borough to create 'Mark Your Mind', a brand new mental health campaign.

This month YoungMinds launched 'Mark Your Mind' - a powerful new campaign informing young people and families in Tower Hamlets about mental health in the local area. 

Supported by NHS Tower Hamlets CCG and several organisations across the borough, the project involved young people, parents and staff in co-creating resources to share vital mental health information across the whole community. The result is 'Mark Your Mind', a multimedia campaign using an innovative blend of music, film, photography and social media to break stigma and build resilience in the local area.

Our project team began by gathering information about the mental health needs of local people through focus groups with young people, parents and professionals. Based on their feedback and with the help of their local knowledge, they went on to co-design campaign resources including:

  • Digital Campaign Packs – including information on different types of mental health issues, the signs, and when to get help.
  • Mark Your Grime – three grime tracks exploring themes of mental health, written by young people and co-produced by Slix and Prince Rapid of grime crew Ruff Sqwad
  • My Mind, My Lens - A two-day visual arts project in which young people from Tower Hamlets created collages, artwork and photography inspired by areas of the borough.
  • Mark Your Mind Docu-drama - a short film drama by young people about two teenagers experiencing mental health issues and how they benefit from talking about their problems.
  • Workshops for parents and families - about different types of mental health issues, the signs, and how to get help.
  • Staff training - attended by representatives from local organisations, providing them with advice and session plans on how to talk to young people about mental health.

The Mark Your Mind campaign was officially launched with a celebratory event on September 22nd at the local youth centre Spotlight. The evening included an exhibition of the visual artworks and docu-drama, introductions from the staff and young people involved, and a moving spoken word poem from Tofi, one of the young people involved in the grime project.

If you would like to find out more about the Tower Hamlets project or any other aspect of YoungMinds’ work, please email Zoe Large at 

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